How to promote a company product or site on my Instagram

To get the best results on Twitter, you must first prepare a strategy before posting, just as you would on any other social media platform. To accomplish so, start by asking the correct questions:

  • What are your objectives? Do you want to reach out to as many people as possible, or do you want to stick to a very specialized audience?
  • Who would you like to speak with? Are you a man or a woman? People in their forties or millennials? Customers, retailers, or influencers?
  • Which image do you want to project for your company? Is it both institutional and commercial? Or perhaps a warm and unique one?

There isn’t just one good response; there are numerous options. If you run sport courses in a huge city, for example, you can either try to attract new clients by emphasizing the benefits to their bodies and health, or you can choose to keep your existing customers by developing a community of active people. If your company is B-to-B, you can take one of two approaches: be highly institutional to appear professional, or be more deconstructed to stand apart from your competition.

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