First apartment: 10 tips to buy your apartment in 2021

1 – Make a financial plan for your first apartment

The project of acquiring your new home starts with you! The purchase of a property always involves spending the process, beyond the value of the house itself.

Therefore, making a financial planning and saving so as not to compromise the personal and/or family budget is essential.

Making a financial plan does not mean that you will pay off your first apartment purchase all at once, there are other reasons to do so.

Planning allows you to know the type of apartment you will be able to buy, and you can plan to make a down payment, in the case of mortgage financing.

In order to carry out this financial planning, it is necessary to set goals, control fixed/variable earnings and expenses, save and, if found viable, make investments so that the money can pay off.

We have separated some contents that can help you:


  • E-Book – How To Plan And Make Personal Financial Control | Sebrae
  • Apps – Pocket Guide , My Savings , Jimbo

2 – New apartment, used or in the plant?

Those who are considering buying their first apartment have the possibility of buying a new, used or off-plan property. The decision depends on what the buyer wants and their financial possibilities.

New apartments are usually more expensive and have more leisure options, such as swimming pools, barbecues, gyms and other environments/services. However, the footage is usually smaller.

Old apartments do not have all these leisure options, but they are usually more spacious.

The apartments on the floor plan, in some cases, have the advantage of being customizable and, usually, have a more affordable price than the ready-made ones.

Do you want to ask more questions? Check out our article on financing for new, used or off-plan properties.

3 – Research the real estate market

Keeping up with the movement of the real estate sector is important to know whether or not it is a good time to buy your first apartment.

After all, this economic segment impacts and is impacted by the country’s political-economic situation. It also involves construction companies, real estate and financial entities, in addition to many other companies.,q_glossy,ret_img,w_1024/https:/


Heated economy generates more jobs, more purchasing power and the possibility of fighting the housing deficit.

Therefore, follow the industry news through reliable sources, pay attention to the Selic rate, which when low is a good index, and also follow the values ​​per square meter in the regions in which you are interested.



4 – Evaluate the builder, developer or Real Estate Company

Depending on the property profile you have defined to be your first apartment, you will need to work with some company, such as construction companies and real estate agencies.

For this reason, it is important to assess the reputation and credibility of each of them to avoid problems with deadlines, property quality and even legal issues.

For this, it is worth checking consumer protection websites, former clients, seeing the company’s history, visiting the properties, analyzing the quality of the materials used, the finishes and even the frame and painting.


Do you know the Reclame Aqui website? It is a platform where companies are evaluated by customers. It’s an excellent place to start researching a company before you buy.

6 – Payment methods

2020 is the year in which the real estate sector should reach full recovery, following the already positive rates of 2019.

Until November of last year, there were 290 thousand properties with construction or financed purchase. This represented a 32% increase over the same period last year.

With this gas on the market, those who are dreaming of their first apartment have an excellent opportunity. Even because this good moment is being guided by low and attractive interest rates.

Those who are thinking of resorting to financing, for example, need to research, do credit simulation and compare to get the best option.

In this scenario, it is crucial to pay attention to the payment terms, the value of the installments, the additional expenses of the process and the amortization system used. This information can be obtained from financial institutions.

Also, be sure to check out the possibility of using the FGTS to lower the price of the property.


Best Rate Comparators for Financing:

  • Cred Search
  • Credihome
  • Best Rate
  • Compare Well
  • Low Interest

Bottom of Form

7 – My House My Life

The MCMV financing program has helped thousands of families achieve affordable and more practical home ownership.

Like all financing, the program works according to the family’s income and the buyer’s profile. Thus, there are different bands that grant subsidies and terms that facilitate the purchase.

In addition to the easy way to get the first apartment, the MCMV also works with lower interest rates. It is worth checking the program regulations before making a decision. It’s an excellent opportunity to get rid of rent!

8 – Assess the property’s infrastructure before closing the purchase

We talked a little about this above, but it is vital to pay close attention during visits to assess the infrastructure of your first apartment, especially if it is used.

Everything must be observed in detail, as there is no joke when it comes to safety and quality of life.

The number of accidents in Brazil due to the building infrastructure is significant, so if you don’t think you have the aptitude for this analysis, it is essential to hire a qualified professional for this purpose.

In this inspection, consider the state of the hydraulic and electrical networks, check that there are no cracks and termites, inspect the common environments, the security structure, etc.


Cracks and cracks: know how to identify what can compromise the property’s structure,q_glossy,ret_img,w_1024/https:/


9 – Assess the location of the property

Do you already know in which neighborhood you want to have your first apartment? This is a vital step for both those who are going to live alone and for couples.

The chosen location must be the one that offers the least displacements and the best structure for the resident’s life. Markets, hospitals, schools, traffic, bus and subway stations must be considered when evaluating the location of the property.

In addition, it is essential to visit the region at different times of day to see the dynamics of the neighborhood, how safe it is at each time. It is also worth talking to residents of the region to get other information about the place.

Attention! Remember that privileged location is an item that adds value to the property. Thus, urbanized areas with an expectation of development must be valued in the choice.


The Google Maps can be a very useful tool for assessing a region because it contains information about distances and local establishments.

10 – My first apartment: check the documentation

The purchase of the first apartment is, even when on sight, a process that involves extensive documentation.

And it’s not just the buyer who needs to organize in this regard; analyzing the documentation of the property to be purchased is essential to ensure that the property is legally yours.

Therefore, be sure to investigate whether the ownership of the apartment is adequate, whether the property is free of debt and whether the IPTU and TCA (Registration and Evaluation Fee) are paid, among other documents.

Here it can also be useful to make a checklist of everything you will need in terms of documentation, so that the purchase of your first apartment goes smoothly.

If you find it necessary, hire a professional in the field, a real estate agent or a lawyer to help you with this process.


Checklist Property Documents for Sale

  • Certified Copy Of The Definitive Deed With Registration;
  • Clearance Certificate Of Real Liens; (The Document Specifies If There Is Any Debt)
  • Tax Clearance Certificate Issued By The City Hall Or Copy Of The Property Tax Booklet For The Last Five Years;
  • Registration Of Repossession Actions And Disposals; (Indicates If The Property Was Sold Informally).
  • Certified Copy Of The IPTU For The Year, Accompanied By Installments Paid Up To The Date Of The Transaction;
  • Letter Of “Habite-Se” (Use Permit);
  • Copy Of The Payment Slip With The TCA Payment Record (Registration And Evaluation Fee);
  • Registration Of The Construction With The Real Estate Registry;
  • Blue Print;
  • ART Of The Engineer Responsible For The Work;
  • Clearance Of Condominium Debts (In Case Of Apartment)


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