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What I Ate in New York City

Am I the only weird person who always wonders what people ate while they were on vacation? Because I do. And the curiosity has only intensified since we’ve moved towards eating real food.

Obviously, vacations are meant for fun – not guilt and self-loathing – so I had a little bit of food fun. But really, I kept it fairly clean. My motivation for that is because I feel like crappity-crap-crap if I don’t, and it would take me days to snap out of it. And I don’t have days to waste. I’m busy.

My eating in New York City can be classified into three groups: hotel snacks/snacks I brought with me, restaurant eats, and splurges. And now that I’m going back through it, I didn’t really eat that much while I was in New York City.

Hotel Snacks/Snacks I Brought With Me

I think anyone who has a diet that’s different from other people you’re around knows to bring snacks when you’re traveling. My mom and my sister don’t eat the same way I do, so I knew I was going to be outvoted on a lot of choices. That doesn’t really bug me. It’s not like I’ll starve. But I did bring some Larabars, almonds, and dried fruit with me on the trip. All of which came in handy.

Hotel Snacks/Snacks I Brought With Me

Like I mentioned on Monday, the hotel did a good job of making snacks, breakfast, and a wine and cheese reception available to guests. When we arrived at the hotel, I had half a banana. And later that evening I had a glass of wine, a variety of cheese, and some veggies.

Restaurant Eats

We didn’t really eat out much. Considering I live in rural Ohio, the price of pretty much everything in New York City makes me want to cry, including the food. We did stop at a few places though.

Salad from the Cafeteria at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We ate at the cafeteria at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I just got a huge salad. I was craving vegetables at this point so it tasted pretty good to me. Not sure it tasted $12.00 good, but it was pretty good.

Right next to the hotel we stayed at is a restaurant called Tony’s DiNapoli. It’s (I hear) a really great Italian restaurant. I thought it was just OK (I’m probably jaded about the price thing, I can’t help it).

My sister and I headed here for a late dinner, and we got a cold antipasta plate (meats, cheeses, vegetables – all yummy).

We also got the chicken parmesan. I’m sure you know that chicken parmesan is breaded (and not with almond flour, which is what I do at home!). We nicely asked if one of the chicken pieces could not be breaded, and we were turned down. Apparently the kitchen “doesn’t like to change things”. What a coincidence! I don’t like to pay restaurants who turn down simple requests (how difficult is it to not dunk a piece of chicken in flour?). So when the chicken arrived, I pulled off the cheese, sauce, and breading (then put the cheese and sauce back on) and just ate a little bit. Then paid more than it was worth (and ended up feeling exhausted the next morning, which for me is a sign that I “got grained”).

The next day we had lunch at La Paella, which is a tapas bar. We got a large mix of stuff – chorizo, an artichoke, steak, etc. We got several small dishes to pass (almost all of which I cold eat, which was good). Again, it was OK – but not great. Some of the food was cold when we got it, and nothing just blew me away. I hear the sangria was good though.

Lastly, as we were walking back to the train station, we walked passed a Chipotle. Two things in life are fact – God loves us, and if there’s a Chipotle nearby I will find it and eat there. So I ditched my mom and my sister (they went to do some shopping), and I pulled up a seat, ordered my favorite (a burrito bowl, minus the rice, with black beans, a double serving of chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and guacomole – love it), and people-watched. Honestly, it was my favorite meal while I was there.


There were some splurges sprinkled throughout the 48 hours I was in New York City. A Milano cookie when we arrived, some Ranch dressing for veggies at the hotel (how funny is it that I consider this a “splurge” nowadays?), and a couple Dove chocolates pulled from my mom’s purse as we meandered through the museum.


And then there are these. That right there is a massive bag of M&Ms (almond, peanut butter, mint, pretzel, and raspberry) I got at the M&M store in Times Square. My husband and I made short work of these quite quickly upon my arrival home.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the small bag of peanut butter and almond ones I got for myself while there that didn’t even make it home.

If I had to identify one splurge during the trip, that would be the one. And I enjoyed every forbidden morsel. I can’t remember the last time I had M&Ms.

So that’s what 48 hours of eating in New York City looked like for me. I want to get back there sometime in the next couple years, as my husband has never been, so please – leave me some restaurant recommendations in the comments. I could use the help!

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