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Linen Closet Organization

We’ve been in Ohio for almost seven months now. And to be honest, I’ve done about zero organizing. Things just kind of got plopped where they are when we moved in. Getting adjusted to a new place, working from home, and my husband starting a new job all kind of took priority. In fact, there’s a room in our house that’s still got boxes and is a general dumping zone. Hoping to get to that sometime soon.

I’m of the “baby steps” mentality though. Every big goal or task I have, it’s just nature for me to break it down into littler pieces. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed and stressed out (I’m also of the “high-strung” variety).

So I’m starting small. I hope to get to every single nook and cranny in the townhouse by the end of the year, organizing it and making it over, but today I’m starting with the linen closet.

Here’s our linen closet before.

Linen Closet Before

Basically, everything is just thrown in the closet. You can see that I kind of thought about organizing things – there are plastic bins there with semi-like items grouped together. But it’s still just a jumble of stuff, and it was making me frustrated.

So here are the key changes I made:

  • The first thing I did was go through everything in the closet and group like items together. I also got rid of some stuff.
  • Then, I went to Walmart and bought some brown cloth bins (I got these on sale for a couple bucks each). I put like items together in bins.
  • Next, I made some bin labels and printed them out on business card paper. I attached them to the bins with clothespins.
  • Lastly, I just straightened up the clear bin on the bottom and labeled those drawers, and I put some order to things on the very top shelf.
  • Voila! Organization.

Here’s the linen closet after.

Linen Closet After

Linen Closet After

Much better! Here’s a close-up of the labels (and you can download the PDF template for them here, and the Word template for them here, and also here on my Free Downloads page). The font I used is Fontleroy Brown.

Linen Closet Labels

OK. Your turn. How have you guys organized your linen closets? 

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    • Lisa Morosky says

      Oh man! The fact that I have YOUR approval on any organizing I do, Laura, is just the best part of my day. :)

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