12 Lessons I’ve Learned in My First 12 Weeks as a Mom

12 Lessons I've Learned in My First 12 Weeks as a Mom

Wow. Time sure does fly. It breaks my heart that Little Bear is already three months old. Wasn’t it just yesterday that he breathed his first breath right in our bedroom (I still owe you a birth story – I know!)? It feels that way to me.

If I could freeze time, I’d freeze it right here. Little Bear is smiling. He’s found his arms and legs and loves to swing them all around. He’s just starting to be interested in toys. He chuckles. His cuteness is almost too much. Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with his big eyes and baby smile (and those big eyes and that baby smile are what make those frequent middle-of-the-night wakings not too horrible).

But as fun and heartwarming as this time has been, it’s also been a time of quick learning. I think I’ve learned more lessons about life in the past twelve weeks than in all my life before this. I’d like to share a few. I’m sure the parents out there can relate to these!

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I’m so glad that this bundle (it’s way better this year) is back again for 2013!

Grab this bundle this week and you’ll get eBooks on healthy living topics (e.g., real food and recipes, green living, natural cleaning and beauty, mental and emotional health, fitness, herbal remedies, and more), a series of weekly one-hour live conference calls where you can join in and ask your questions on relevant and timely healthy living topics to a panel of eBook authors, and super practical and high-value bonuses to help you live the healthy lifestyle you crave. It’s a no-brainer deal (and would make a great Christmas gift)!

Here’s a More Detailed Breakdown of What’s in the Bundle:

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

The bundle includes 86 eBooks by authors and bloggers that are known as authorities in their field, a 12-week interactive online conference with over 40 top authors (which they’re calling “Coffee Table Conversations”), and nine free bonuses from awesome companies. You’ll want to head over to The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle website to check out the details of each.

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Simple, Natural, Faith-Inspired Deals for Your Weekend – November 1, 2013

Simple, Natural, Faith-Inspired Deals for Your Weekend - November 1, 2013

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for me to share a round-up of simple, natural, faith-inspired deals for your weekend. In this post every week, I share a mix of coupons for you to print, free homeschool downloads, free samples for you to snag, and online deals you won’t want to miss.

This is a junk-free zone! I’m just sharing deals I know will jive with you folks who also strive to create a simple, natural, faith-inspired home life (and most of these deals are ones I’ve taken advantage of myself this week!).

So without further delay, here are this week’s deals!

Coupons to Print

Coupon for Any Applegate Item

Save $0.75 on any Applegate item. Thanks for the heads-up, All Natural Savings!

Coupon for Aura Cacia Essential Oil, Bubble Bath, and Skin Care Oil

Save $1.00 on any Aura Cacia essential oil, bubble bath, and skin care oil. Thanks for the heads-up, All Natural Savings!

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I Have Some News

Welcome, Beautiful Boy!

“Little Bear” arrived at 5:50am on September 13, 2013 – 8 lbs 4 oz – 20.5 inches

In the early morning of September 13, 2013, our little guy (“Little Bear”, as he’ll be known here on the blog) finally made his appearance after 51 hours of labor. There’s quite a story to accompany his arrival. I’ll absolutely be sharing that story here.

But, for now, excuse the silence around here for a little while, as we fall deeper in love with him and adjust to life as a family of three. Weekly devotions, regular posts, weekend deals, and such will resume in due time.

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Our 2013 Financial Plan: July Update

Our 2013 Financial Plan: July Update

It’s time for the next monthly update on how we’re doing with our 2013 financial plan. In case you missed it, here’s where I laid out all of our financial goals for the year. So let’s talk about how we did in July!

Debt Payoff

  • Pay off our car loan - Done! We accomplished this in January.
  • Pay off the smallest student loan we have - Done! We accomplished this in February.
  • Pay off all of my student loans - This is currently the goal we’re attacking. I paid more than twice the monthly payment on this in July. Slowly but surely, the balance is coming down. I’m still pretty confident that this will be done by the end of the year.


  • Fully fund our general savings account for our current adventure - Done! We accomplished this in June. In case you missed it, here’s “our current adventure” that we were saving for!
  • Get our emergency fund up to two months worth of income - No real change here (just deposited the standard amount we do every month). We’ll take this up at the end of the year, most likely.
  • Set up a retirement account - Haven’t done this yet. I don’t see us doing this until the end of the year either.

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